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Jo, papá (1975) Full Movie

Jo, papá
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Watch Jo, papá (1975) : Full Movie Online Free Enrique lives in a city in the northwest of Spain. He is married to Alicia and has two daughters: Pilar, 23, and Carmen, 8. Enrique made the civil war on the national side, which in his youth led him to cross Spain from Galicia - his native land - to the Mediterranean. And now he wants to remember his adventure and offer it to his family, especially Pilar. The four travel the country treading where Enrique had stepped. But the trip will be much more complicated than expected ... A film made when the Franco dictatorship gave its last breaths and, thanks to it, could launch its timid message that we must forget the past and always look to the future, no matter how glorious it is. To highlight the presence of some young Ana Belén (with nudes included

Title Jo, papá
Subtitle Available south-korea.png france.png Germany.png italy.png espain.png belanda.png portugal.png hungaria.png ETC.
Release Date Dec 18, 1975
Genres ,
Production Company Impala, In-Cine Compañía Industrial Cinematográfica
Production Countries Spain
Casts Ana Belén, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Antonio Ferrandis, Josep Maria Flotats, Carmen Armiñán, Gloria Berrocal, Eulalia Boya, Antonio Burgos, Eduardo Calvo, Josefa del Cid, Francisco Guijar
Ana Belén
Fernando Fernán Gómez
Enrique Seoane
Enrique Seoane
Antonio Ferrandis
Carlos (as José-Maria Flotats)
Carlos (as José-Maria Flotats)
Josep Maria Flotats
Carmen Armiñán
Gloria Berrocal
Eulalia Boya
Antonio Burgos
Eduardo Calvo
Josefa del Cid
Francisco Guijar
Julia Lorente
Isabel Mayer
Pilar Muñoz
Amparo Soler Leal
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